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BHP Olympic Dam EIS Shortfalls

on July 26, 2009

BHP Olympic Dam Environmental Impact Statement Shortfalls

The BHP EIS is published in both paperback and electronic internet on-line form as a set of corporate manuals that includes

The electronic internet on-line set is available as PDF (Postscript Document Format) files at the BHP Olympic Dam web site.

We find the EIS to be inadequate for public review and especially terse in view of the cataclysmic catastrophic long-term effects of this extremely hazardous mining project at the Olympic Dam mine site, near the township of Roxby Downs South Australia.

We cite these simple obvious faults or shortcomings to show how the EIS is inadequate :

  • the EIS, as paperback manuals, is printed in small type face of about font size 9, thus making it difficult to read by a large section of our aging population
  • there is no simple text computer form of the EIS for searching. It must be manually downloaded, one massive PDF document at a time from the sluggish BHP web site telecommunication system, and then converted to text files
  • there is NO inclusion of BHP past massive mistakes such as
    1. the BHP OK Tedi gold and copper mine that nearly wrecked the entire Fly River system in Papua (New Guinea)
    2. the BHP Steel Can Plan charade which spent millions of dollars setting up a shop front in Melbourne to make BHP look like an avid advocate for recycling steel food and beverage cans, when BHP was never interested in recycling and did not deliver any significant recycling program

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