NO Mines Australia

Oppose Mindless Mining in Australia or Anywhere

Mekamui Meeting

on October 29, 2010

We had the great privilege of listening to a presentation and conversing with representatives of ABG Mekamui (the largest island to the northeast of Australia and Papua) about the impacts, problems and solutions to the Panguna copper mine, the largest such mine in the Pacific or anywhere.

The People of Mekamui are faced with continued attempts by World Industry to invade or subvert their lovely sacred island into a place of pillage and plunder that would wreck the natural lives of all People Plants and Animals who have lived here for many thousands of years.

We salute the Brave Defenders of Mekamui, Papua and Australia who choose to live with less human pollution or no human pollution in preference for organic natural life and lifestyles.

Some websites for the Mekamui representatives we met are:

It became apparent during the presentation and talks that People Plants and Animals in the southwest Pacific all face a common enemy in the form of human greed and human pollution of the natural environment, and especially the threats from New York, London, Paris and Moscow are full of danger and human deviationism.


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