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on March 27, 2011

Based in the Northern Territory the Super Raelene Bros are a dynamic and gutsy folk-funk outfit. The music they make is for dancing: the vocalization challenging. Armed with a two-prong assault their recordings involve electric collaboration; their live performances stripped back over big acoustic beats. Escaping the desert the Super Raelene Bros have played everywhere from the Gershwin Room in St.Kilda to the markets at Mindil Beach. Festival gigs include Wide Open Space, Adelaide Fringe, Darwin Festival, and the Alice Desert Festival. Acclaimed performances include supports for Paul Kelly, Cat Empire, Jimmy Barnes and Yothu Yindi. The Super Raelene Bros have recently created/collaborated on the musical protest campaign against the planned Angela-Pamela Uranium mine on the outskirts of Alice Springs. The campaign single Wiya! Angela Pamela went to number one on JJJ unearthed and is gaining ground on community radio around the country. The Super Raelene Bros are an outstanding two-piece that generate more funk and dance than most 9 piece outfits. Their performances are a celebration: a brash, joyous,intimate, stomp-out

On the outskirts of Alice Springs, straight across the plain from four Indigenous Communities, Canadian Mining Giant CAMECO is planning to build a massive Uranium mine. The name of the mining lease is ‘Angela-Pamela’. When the seasonal dust-storms blow from the south, the communities of Amoonguna, Anthepe, Karnte and Ilparpa are likely to be the first to swallow radioactive nucleides carried by the dust and wind. Unbelieveably, the Angela-Pamela lease is located within the fragile Alice Springs water catchment.

We ask your help to launch a national campaign to say WIYA ANGELA PAMELA

Click here for MP3 Monster Hit 

Play this song to friends and request radio airplay


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