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Coal Seam Gas in the ABC Radio National Interest

on July 13, 2011

From the ABC Radio National Interest page

Coal Seam Gas Online

8 July 2011
Calls for more information and better processes governing coal seam gas – 8 July 2011
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The boom in Queensland’s coal fields is not just a coal boom but a gas boom – coal seam gas that is. The industry markets coal seam gas as climate friendly to coal, because it can fuel power stations with 70% less carbon emissions.
But farmers and environmentalists affected by the expansion of coal seam gas argue that the processes for finding out information about proposed projects, and avenues for objecting to the granting of mining permits, are arcane, unclear and unfair.
In Queensland, the Environmental Defenders Office has written to the State Government to suggest some ways to improve the processes relating to the approval of coal seam gas and coal mining projects. With growing unease in rural and metropolitan areas, the Queensland Government has promised to review the coal seam gas permit system. And now there is growing pressure for Federal intervention.
To leave a comment on The National Interest feedback line dial 1300 936 222 from anywhere in Australia for the cost of a local call.

Some of the great positive gifts of Cyclone Yasi (2011) and recent large-scale rainfall and floods in northeast Australia were

  1. much poison chemical agriculture in QLD was blown off the map and rinsed into the ocean, with the Great Barrier Reef receiving the pollution in diluted, albeit still poisonous, rinse water
  2. there was splendid relief for drought-stricken South Australia and other inland areas along the Murray Darling Basin that had been repeatedly refused water by their piggish swine-like often queenly neighbours
  3. a large number of these totally horrible toally wretched coal mines in QLD had their shafts and undergound operations flooded into dark dank drowning oblivion, temporarily putting an end to the undermining of some of the best agricultural land in Australia.

We are greatly thankful to Nature (the Boss) for these Miracles, and hope Nature can also prevent other portions of the human greedy Mining Boom from Mining Bombs of the nuclear variety, via idiot Uranium mining, and metal for car bombs (polluting automobiles) that, along with alcohol and other sundry useless human “must have” items, were never part of Australia, America, Arabia, Africa or anywhere.
To Mine is No Mind
NOMINESA (No Mines Australia) : in the Natural Interest…


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