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Resist BHP Rally 20 Oct 2011

on October 21, 2011

We showed up at the front of BHP Adelaide at 55 Grenfell Street Adelaide South Australia at about 8 a.m. Thursday 20 October 2011.

We were playing a guitar and casually observing the moment.

A few uniformed BHP security guards were present by the entrance to BHP but there were no visible uniformed police.

Soon we were visited by Mr. David Noonan, former ACF Uranium mining expert. We were glad Mr. Noonan came by to help us protest the massive BHP nuclear uranium mining expansion at its Olympic Dam mine near Roxby Downs.

However, we were curious to know why Mr. Noonan had been fired or “let go” from his work as anti nuclear expert at ACF (ALP Conservation Foundation) in Adelaide and SA. So we asked Mr. Noonan why his work was cut off by ACF. Mr. Noonan replied that ACF made a deliberate decision to axe him.

Then we asked Mr. Noonan if his work position for ACF at the Conservation Council of South Australia was re-instated, would he take back his office there and continue working for public safety and natural security as before, and he answered “YES”.

Getting back to the anti-radiation rally, we were soon joined by people carrying banners and a pickup truck pulled up to drop off some miniature imitation deadly black radioactive waste drums with their imaginary yellow warning

By 9 a.m. about 30 radical resistance activists with a full array of banners and placards and a public address system were set up and ready to roll in front of BHP Adelaide headquarters.

Speakers began their speeches, some pamphlets and DVD’s were being passed around to passers by.

A distinguished elder of the Arabunna people, Mr. Kevin Buzzacott, arrived to greet us all and give a great speech of resistance directed against those who would destroy the SA outback with wasteful greedy radioactive mining ventures, and subject the age old residents of outback SA to genocide by implementing elimination of water supply from the vast Great Artesian Basin and associated deadly radioactive waste and radon gas vapours.

A SAPOL (SA Police) utility truck with a couple female police officers showed up directly in front of us mob and the girls in blue decided to visit and check out the nearby coffee shop (which perhaps had called in a complaint about a public disturbance in the vicinity).

At about 9:30 some began laying out an inflatable GIANT BLACK RADIATION DRUM and used a portable air generator to pump the drum up to about ten metres high and five metres in diameter in the nearby square. This was soon a very large inflatable object and was fully visible to public and police alike.

Speeches continued from various activists with a notable speech by someone mentioning how People down under would face the natural justice system in the future and how it is best to avoid making a monumental mess and mistake such as the BHP world’s largest open pit mine and large 150 metre tall uranium mine tailings mountains.

Eventually 50 to 100 people were involved or directly associated with the rally in Adelaide’s main central business district on one of its main streets.

An older fellow showed up to blame us for all the problems, but no fists were flung and crowds were cool. Another bugger asked who was paying us to demonstrate and protest.

The rally ended at about 11:30 a.m. or 3 hours after it started.

The TERRIBLE thing was that the News’ media barely even mentioned the event and instead were concentrating on “state politics” and the all-too-convenient departure of the SA premier Mike uRANNium, after his shameful approval for the BHP Olympic Dam mine to go ahead, and ahead of his all-too-convenient possible relocation to Italy to take up the “easy life” with his Italian lover(s), family and friends.

We believe that the recent decision by the SA State government to approve the Roxby Downs Olympic Dam expansion got its commanding impetus from the Mining Syndicate headquartered in New York City, London and Paris, and had no consideration for what the People of South Australia felt, thought or did. Especially the Syndicate and government crooks were busy patting each other on the back the next day to celebrate the all-too-convenient transfer of government power broking to a new puppet SA State Premier : Jay Weatherill.

But perhaps in that name is a message from Nature:

If Uranium then Weather Ill…

If Nuclear then Weather KILL…

We shall see…

May Nature Bless all Good People of Conscience who attended the Resistance Rally and who oppose News World Order plans to destroy Mother Earth with highly radioactive very poisonous toxic Nuclear Energy and Waste.

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