NO Mines Australia

Oppose Mindless Mining in Australia or Anywhere

Kevin Buzzacott Speaks

on December 17, 2011
On Sunday 11 December 2011, the wise and caring Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacottgave an introduction  to the proposed Olympic Dam mining expansion disaster by BHP, to a crowd of activists and environment caretakers at Occupy Adelaide Hindmarsh Square.Also, Edward Cranswick, mining geologist and earthquake scientist, gave a talk about the grave consequences of mining uranium, or anything underground, because of increased probability for earthquakes, such as that at Kalgoorlie in West Australia.recently in 2011 and the bigger one in 2010.

Elder Buzzacott also talked about the coming Revenge of the Lizard Kalta anticipated to happen at the gates of Olympic Dam mine site in July 2012.

We urge any and all environmental activists to visit South Australia and OPPOSE the monster-mining operations here that could fuel and spark a Third World War and possible end of White People in Australia.
Note: at the end of Kevin Buzzacott’s speech, the crowd was invited to submit questions about the anti-mining anti-nuclear topic just explained.  A person with DOGS was quick to grab a spot in the questioners’ queue and rambled on and on and on, about far-off places with no real substance to add to the value of Mr. Buzzacott’s talk.  Also, on Sunday 9 October 2011 at the Federal Box Factory community centre Mr. Buzzacott and others of the anti-Mining community to include the ACF (Australian Conservation Foundation) gave a serious talk to serious listeners, and a few long-haired guys in dreadlock hair fashion, with DOGS, moved closer to the door of the anti-mining seminar entrance and began a long session of jibber jabber that almost drowned out any chance those of us by the door, had of listening to the speakers.  One of the dreadlocks even took off a sandal and furiously pounded the ground nearby, in complete disregard for those who wanted to “hear it all”.

After attending so many controversial meetings with controversial speakers, and group actions, we easily identify this flippant sort of nonsense question or interjection : it is typical in group meetings attached to important issues when these big mouth jerks show up to detract from the meaning and substance of the talks.  In fact the nonsense talkers could be government or industry agents.


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