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JUMP FOR JOY : NO BHP Olympic Dam Expansion

On Wednesday 22 August 2012 we heard the Great News :

there is to be no further aggressive BHP support for the wanton glutton OBESE POISONOUS DEADLY expansion of the Olympic Dam mine near Roxby Downs in South Australia.

Thank You BHP for this decision in the right direction.

This bit of wise choice could prevent or deter further venture into the deadly Nuclear Horizon where awaits possible World Race War to remove the noxious and pathogenic deviate Human Nuclear Race.

Now let’s all get down to work on shutting down all uranium and other deeply pollutive mines everywhere.


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KALTA : Revenge of the Lizard


  • Saturday 14 July 2012

there will be a

  • KALTA ceremony
  • (Revenge of the Lizard)

conducted at the

  •  Gates of Hell
  • Olympic Dam mine site
  • Satan’s Magic Cave

A crowd of KALTA supporters is expected to gather and confront the BHP (Big Huge Pig) disaster just outside Roxby Downs, South Australia, at the Olympic Dam mine

Mining of uranium is something that many short-sighted little-hearted humans are putting their highest hopes on, as a way to supply the New World Order with Uranium that can power hundreds of Nuclear Power Plants everywhere and thereby ensure a catastrophic radioactive planetary disaster, just as bad or worse, than the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters witnessed in the past few decades, that will have extremely toxic tragic effects for many millenia.

Contact details:

DLF – Desert Liberation Front

kalta : an Australian lizard called a “sleeping lizard”
Book on Kalta by Brenda Day and Yvonne Edwards (famous artists in Australia)

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Kevin Buzzacott Speaks

On Sunday 11 December 2011, the wise and caring Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacottgave an introduction  to the proposed Olympic Dam mining expansion disaster by BHP, to a crowd of activists and environment caretakers at Occupy Adelaide Hindmarsh Square.Also, Edward Cranswick, mining geologist and earthquake scientist, gave a talk about the grave consequences of mining uranium, or anything underground, because of increased probability for earthquakes, such as that at Kalgoorlie in West Australia.recently in 2011 and the bigger one in 2010.

Elder Buzzacott also talked about the coming Revenge of the Lizard Kalta anticipated to happen at the gates of Olympic Dam mine site in July 2012.

We urge any and all environmental activists to visit South Australia and OPPOSE the monster-mining operations here that could fuel and spark a Third World War and possible end of White People in Australia.
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Olympic Dam Quake Alert

Thomas Conlin

The Olympic Dam mine expansion will spark earthquakes up to 6.0 in magnitude in the surrounding region US geologist Edward Cranswick says.

In an advertisement in The Advertiser today, Mr. Cranswick says mining has caused hundreds of earthquakes across Australia.

Mr. Cranswick, who worked as a geophysicist for the US Geological Survey for 22 years, said the Olympic Dam project might cause a magnitude 4.0 or 6.0 quake. That would cause damage to tailing dams and regional communities if it struck in the wrong place, he said.

“The problem about Olympic Dam is that it’s the biggest engineering feat of its sort ever done, so it’s going to produce the biggest stresses,” he said.

A department of the Premier and Cabinet spokesman said the “redistribution of stresses” could “trigger small seismic events” but this was unlikely to lead to any impact on the community.

page 15
Adelaide Advertiser
Adelaide, South Australia
Wednesday 19 October 2011
FINAL edition

Original Article as Photo Copy (CLICK)

Associated Advertisement Photo Copies page 32
Part A (CLICK)
Part B (CLICK)
Part C (CLICK)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  on the very morning this article and advertisement appeared in The Advertiser, a Richter 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook the Adelaide area at 2:22 a.m.  An early edition of the same newspaper had additional information about uranium mining and its relation to earthquakes on page 33 but this was “conveniently” removed from the paper for the final edition.

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Resist BHP Rally 20 Oct 2011

We showed up at the front of BHP Adelaide at 55 Grenfell Street Adelaide South Australia at about 8 a.m. Thursday 20 October 2011.

We were playing a guitar and casually observing the moment.

A few uniformed BHP security guards were present by the entrance to BHP but there were no visible uniformed police.

Soon we were visited by Mr. David Noonan, former ACF Uranium mining expert. We were glad Mr. Noonan came by to help us protest the massive BHP nuclear uranium mining expansion at its Olympic Dam mine near Roxby Downs.

However, we were curious to know why Mr. Noonan had been fired or “let go” from his work as anti nuclear expert at ACF (ALP Conservation Foundation) in Adelaide and SA. So we asked Mr. Noonan why his work was cut off by ACF. Mr. Noonan replied that ACF made a deliberate decision to axe him.

Then we asked Mr. Noonan if his work position for ACF at the Conservation Council of South Australia was re-instated, would he take back his office there and continue working for public safety and natural security as before, and he answered “YES”.

Getting back to the anti-radiation rally, we were soon joined by people carrying banners and a pickup truck pulled up to drop off some miniature imitation deadly black radioactive waste drums with their imaginary yellow warning

By 9 a.m. about 30 radical resistance activists with a full array of banners and placards and a public address system were set up and ready to roll in front of BHP Adelaide headquarters.

Speakers began their speeches, some pamphlets and DVD’s were being passed around to passers by.

A distinguished elder of the Arabunna people, Mr. Kevin Buzzacott, arrived to greet us all and give a great speech of resistance directed against those who would destroy the SA outback with wasteful greedy radioactive mining ventures, and subject the age old residents of outback SA to genocide by implementing elimination of water supply from the vast Great Artesian Basin and associated deadly radioactive waste and radon gas vapours.

A SAPOL (SA Police) utility truck with a couple female police officers showed up directly in front of us mob and the girls in blue decided to visit and check out the nearby coffee shop (which perhaps had called in a complaint about a public disturbance in the vicinity).

At about 9:30 some began laying out an inflatable GIANT BLACK RADIATION DRUM and used a portable air generator to pump the drum up to about ten metres high and five metres in diameter in the nearby square. This was soon a very large inflatable object and was fully visible to public and police alike.

Speeches continued from various activists with a notable speech by someone mentioning how People down under would face the natural justice system in the future and how it is best to avoid making a monumental mess and mistake such as the BHP world’s largest open pit mine and large 150 metre tall uranium mine tailings mountains.

Eventually 50 to 100 people were involved or directly associated with the rally in Adelaide’s main central business district on one of its main streets.

An older fellow showed up to blame us for all the problems, but no fists were flung and crowds were cool. Another bugger asked who was paying us to demonstrate and protest.

The rally ended at about 11:30 a.m. or 3 hours after it started.

The TERRIBLE thing was that the News’ media barely even mentioned the event and instead were concentrating on “state politics” and the all-too-convenient departure of the SA premier Mike uRANNium, after his shameful approval for the BHP Olympic Dam mine to go ahead, and ahead of his all-too-convenient possible relocation to Italy to take up the “easy life” with his Italian lover(s), family and friends.

We believe that the recent decision by the SA State government to approve the Roxby Downs Olympic Dam expansion got its commanding impetus from the Mining Syndicate headquartered in New York City, London and Paris, and had no consideration for what the People of South Australia felt, thought or did. Especially the Syndicate and government crooks were busy patting each other on the back the next day to celebrate the all-too-convenient transfer of government power broking to a new puppet SA State Premier : Jay Weatherill.

But perhaps in that name is a message from Nature:

If Uranium then Weather Ill…

If Nuclear then Weather KILL…

We shall see…

May Nature Bless all Good People of Conscience who attended the Resistance Rally and who oppose News World Order plans to destroy Mother Earth with highly radioactive very poisonous toxic Nuclear Energy and Waste.

This same report at

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Olympic DamNation : UnderMining Australia Forever

The News World Order, headquartered in New York City, including its Syndicate organised crime octopus, used their puppet(s) in Australia, and especially South Australia, to generate News‘ media enhanced approval for the worst mining disaster ever created on Earth : the Olympic Dam Nation TOXIC RADIOACTIVE project.

The Olympic DamNation Expansion will “generate revenue” in the form of:

  1. 9 BILLION TONNES of radioactive waste left on the surface of the land forever
  2. 8 MILLION TONNES per day of radioactive tailings seeping into the underlying rock and aquifer of the Central Australian Great Artesian Basin
  3. 19 THOUSAND TONNES per year of Uranium exported for use in slow-release nuclear bombs (“nuclear reactors”) such as the ones at CHERNOBYL and FUKUSHIMA
  4. a  TWELVE PERCENT INCREASE in South Australia’s total noxious carbon emissions (“greenhouse” gas emissions)
  5. 42 MILLION litres of precious underground water extracted daily from the Great Artesian Basin
    (GAB) FREE OF CHARGE in the driest state on the driest continent of Earth, causing DEATH of desert mound spring oasis life systems
  6. a HYPERSALINIFICATION (“desal”) plant at Port Lowly in the Upper Spencer Gulf of SA, threatening a myriad of natural shallow water dwellers such as the Great Australian Cuttlefish that have used this same area for millions of years as their primary breeding ground.  (Increased chemicals will also pollute the Spencer Gulf since salty plants require use of hazardous chemicals in their conversion process in addition to vast amounts of expensive energy to convert the precious sea water into stolen “fresh water”)
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Mike Rann Uranium and Cancer

In 1980 a former member of the GreenPeace executive, that had supported the fantastic forays of the Rainbow Warrior into the South Pacific to protest and prevent European nuclear bomb tests (in the South Pacific), named Mike Rann, was writing in The Adelaide Independent about the DANGERS of mining Uranium.

Here is a photocopy of that article Uranium AND CANCER by Mike Rann :

Mike Rann and most other SA politicians are sell-outs to the Uranium mining industry.

Mike Rann would become Premier over the Goverment of South Australia.

Reference : The Adelaide Independent July 1980 page 5

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Arkaroola Uranium

So, what’s a No Brainium ?

Wrecking Arkaroola for Uranium !

Arkaroola is a privately-owned Wilderness Sanctuary in the northern Flinders Ranges and one of the icons of tourism in this State.
It has a fragile eco-system and has been central to the successful program for saving the yellow-footed rock wallaby from extinction.
It is part of the traditional lands of the Adnyamathana people.
It is situated in the vicinity of the Paralana Fault Line and is subject to regular seismic activity.
Local company Marathon Resources is the latest holder of an exploration licence to drill in the Sanctuary. Marathon has violated the terms of the license at three sites, Mt Gee, Mt Gee West and Hodgkinsons, and they are held responsible by PIRSA for damaging a unique fluorite occurrence at Mount Gee which they had been told to avoid in their drilling.
Early reports of up to one hundred bags of waste dumped at Mt Gee revealed a staggering 22,800 plastic and calico bags in two shallow 30-metre long pits.
Yet all that has happened is that at the end of their drilling program, when they were already decommissioning rigs at Mt Gee, the Premier called them “cowboys” and suspended their drilling operations!
They are proceeding, ironically, with an Environmental Impact Statement and are intending to apply for a licence to mine at Arkaroola.
They have not been punished at all.
The smell of corruption hangs over this operation.
Former State ALP President and Federal Minister, Chris Schacht has held shares in the company for several years. He helped overturn the SA ALP’s “no new mines” uranium policy. After the “dumping” scandal, he was given a Board position so that his contacts could be used to the company’s advantage.
One of two major shareholders is Ken Talbot of Queensland’s Macarthur Coal.
He is before the courts in Queensland charged with corruptly making payments of $300,000 to a Labor Minister who subsequently voted for a project that benefited Macarthur Coal’s Coppabella Mine Project. Two of his employees, both involved with the Coppabella project, sit on Marathon’s board.
Marathon has also had to answer several “please explain” letters from the Australian Stock Exchange which have hinted at insider trading and other market irregularities.
Although Marathon badges itself as a locally-owned company, its other major shareholder is the China International Trade and Investment Corporation (CITIC). The Chinese paid a heavy price for their own liberation from imperialism and should not now start playing the part of a superpower that rides roughshod over the feelings of the Australian people.
Let there be no mistake – the Australian people do not want Arkaroola wrecked in the pursuit of private profit by uranium mining, whether that be as an above-ground operation, or via a tunnel (of from anywhere between 2 and 20 km in length).
Arkaroola must be completely remediated at Marathon’s expense, and the entire Wilderness Sanctuary closed to any further exploration or mining.
Bills to ban mining at Arkaroola will be introduced to State Parliament.
The Labor Party, which proudly boasts that it is “pro-business, pro-growth and pro-mining” cannot be relied upon to support a ban.
We must keep the pressure on Rann, Foley, Holloway and Co. to ensure Arkaroola’s protection.
Support the call to ban mining at Arkaroola! Marathon must get out and stay out!
You can help by writing to the Premier, Mike Rann, in support of these demands, and by checking the following websites for information and updates:
Background to today’s statement of concern about Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary
Damage has been done to Mt Gee, one of the nation’s most important geological monuments situated in the very heart of the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary.
Mt Gee is heritage listed, on the national register, but this did not stop Marathon Mining from dumping more than 22,800 bags of radioactive waste, turning it into South Australia’s largest illegal nuclear dump.
Over 750 drill holes pincushion the area and, in the process, rare, nationally listed fluorite crystal formations were needlessly and irreparably destroyed.
The main ore deposit is still unproven, but it is known to be small, and it’s low grade. It is miniscule when it is compared with large, established concerns like Roxby and Ranger, not to mention even bigger and as yet undeveloped ore bodies in WA and Queensland.
It’s simply not worth destroying and compromising heritage listed Mount Gee in the middle of the Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary for such a small deposit.
Marathon has plans to tunnel 10kms into the area, using scarce and as yet unidentified water resources to process low grade ore sites subject to uncontrollable flash flooding. The risks are that rare flora and fauna will be irrevocably ruined for 950 tonnes of ore. Roxby and Ranger produce more than ten times that amount, each.
Ministries, such as Primary Industries, Environment and Tourism, have been utterly ineffective, negligent even, in protecting this area. Departments, their officers and their Ministers did not to stop this despoliation. It is time they spoke up and had the courage to do what they are there to do – protect the nation’s heritage.
The charade must stop. The area must be rehabilitated. Marathon must be made to move out and be fined for the damage it has done. The area must be protected by legislation designed to make sure these mistakes can never be made again.
You can help by visiting the following websites for further information and taking any of the actions suggested there.