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JUMP FOR JOY : NO BHP Olympic Dam Expansion

On Wednesday 22 August 2012 we heard the Great News :

there is to be no further aggressive BHP support for the wanton glutton OBESE POISONOUS DEADLY expansion of the Olympic Dam mine near Roxby Downs in South Australia.

Thank You BHP for this decision in the right direction.

This bit of wise choice could prevent or deter further venture into the deadly Nuclear Horizon where awaits possible World Race War to remove the noxious and pathogenic deviate Human Nuclear Race.

Now let’s all get down to work on shutting down all uranium and other deeply pollutive mines everywhere.


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Kevin Buzzacott Speaks

On Sunday 11 December 2011, the wise and caring Arabunna Elder Kevin Buzzacottgave an introduction  to the proposed Olympic Dam mining expansion disaster by BHP, to a crowd of activists and environment caretakers at Occupy Adelaide Hindmarsh Square.Also, Edward Cranswick, mining geologist and earthquake scientist, gave a talk about the grave consequences of mining uranium, or anything underground, because of increased probability for earthquakes, such as that at Kalgoorlie in West Australia.recently in 2011 and the bigger one in 2010.

Elder Buzzacott also talked about the coming Revenge of the Lizard Kalta anticipated to happen at the gates of Olympic Dam mine site in July 2012.

We urge any and all environmental activists to visit South Australia and OPPOSE the monster-mining operations here that could fuel and spark a Third World War and possible end of White People in Australia.
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Olympic Dam Quake Alert

Thomas Conlin

The Olympic Dam mine expansion will spark earthquakes up to 6.0 in magnitude in the surrounding region US geologist Edward Cranswick says.

In an advertisement in The Advertiser today, Mr. Cranswick says mining has caused hundreds of earthquakes across Australia.

Mr. Cranswick, who worked as a geophysicist for the US Geological Survey for 22 years, said the Olympic Dam project might cause a magnitude 4.0 or 6.0 quake. That would cause damage to tailing dams and regional communities if it struck in the wrong place, he said.

“The problem about Olympic Dam is that it’s the biggest engineering feat of its sort ever done, so it’s going to produce the biggest stresses,” he said.

A department of the Premier and Cabinet spokesman said the “redistribution of stresses” could “trigger small seismic events” but this was unlikely to lead to any impact on the community.

page 15
Adelaide Advertiser
Adelaide, South Australia
Wednesday 19 October 2011
FINAL edition

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  on the very morning this article and advertisement appeared in The Advertiser, a Richter 3.3 magnitude earthquake shook the Adelaide area at 2:22 a.m.  An early edition of the same newspaper had additional information about uranium mining and its relation to earthquakes on page 33 but this was “conveniently” removed from the paper for the final edition.

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